Fat Chicks Running!

Our Fun Shirts!


This shirt is a tech, long-sleeved shirt great for three  seasons of cool and rain. Long sleeves actually help women with real curves to not chafe--something that can draw blood.

The Logo Inspiration


While working on a series of fun little watercolors this little lady was created and Fat Chicks Running had a great logo.

The Front of the Shirt


A great shirt for running all the time. Be inspired to find your lost inner HOT CHICK! She's in there and needs  to come on out. 

Running Makes Us Happy!


Running, walking with a fast pace and exercise that gets one to break a sweat is what we need to release endorphins in the brain that helps people be happy. Join a walk or run today!

Get the Medal---JUST FINISH!


I have run over 15 10 miler and half marathons in the last 10 years. I started running to fight off diabetes and I don't have it today. Running for me is being a "tenacious turtle." I race me. I don't race anyone else, that is the power of racing. Make a goal and just finish it--slow or fast--remember YOU ARE NOT ON YOUR COUCH...and that says something.

What's Your Excuse?


Being creative I have many and face them daily: I am too fat, I'm tired, I have to much to do, kids, husband, work, cleaning, dishes, laundry (oops, husband does all that!), tired, I need my sleep...I'm hungry, I need to paint, I have to grade, I have to write, I don't feel like it, and I'm tired! 

Just get up and tie up those laces and do it. 


The Idea


I had to find a physical activity that would burn calories and not bore me to tears. My husband is an inspirational runner; he prods and pokes and gets me out there--especially in the beginning. Now as you can see, I run all year long. 

Have Fun with your RUN!


Train, Sweat, gripe, whine, and keep moving. I love to do fun things with my hair when I run as I don't like layers of clothes on my person, These fun decorations were from the RED, WHITE and BOOM half Marathon in Minneapolis MN; Unfortunately, I developed severe heat exhaustion and had to walk from mile 9 to the end. But I got my medal and FINISHED!

inspiring Others!


I love to share my stories and share with other women the power of running. One things that I have realized is that all women need to find their inner HOT CHICK. Many have lost her, misplaced her or forgotten her. The Fat Chicks Running! Group helps women see their value, their power and inspire a desire to be healthier--allowing them to take better care of self.

yoga and Fat Chicks Running!

head bands for all!


A former sponsor sen us all headbands with catchy text to keep the hair out of our faces as we did our yoga classes in winter. Service project are always part of what I do to help women find their inner Hot Chick! 

How much power do you have?


Having a regular yoga practice builds strength FAST!  See what you can accomplish.



Flexibility and strength are two key rewards from a regular yoga practice.