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Oil paintings, watercolors, sewing, mixed media and more--one medium won't hold me down! 

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Learn about my different learning adventures here--like da Vinci, I will stop learning upon my death.

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Teacher Helps, Ideas and a Little Push or Two


Sharing what has worked is easy--the challenge is being a teacher who will implement the change to benefit the student.

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Creative Healing Helps


Often women and girls from marginalized communities are ignored. Their pain, oppression, and lack of opportunities are ignored. Creativity can be a tool to heal women and girls while empowering them economically. 

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Fat Chicks Running!


Fat Chicks Running! A community wellness project  that you can learn about here. Did you loose your inner hot chick?

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About the Artist


Learn about my experiences and credentials here--my story is fun, inspirational and ongoing.

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making processes


Works in Oil:

I'm looking forward to completing a new  body of oils that include more of the interactions, intersections  and feminist thought within each painting. 


Art Making Capturing the Maker's Attention

Making the art, often is for me, the artist.  I find that smaller bodies of work, be it rock painting that can be completed in a short period of time, or larger bodies of work that takes months or years, such as oils, center me.  The viewer's enjoyment is secondary, but so important too in the maker's process.


Works as Professional Painter

Painting as a process gives a lot of freedom yet at the same time challenges me. I like to push and pull where I go with painting. I like to include elements from the roles that I live such as wife, daughter, mother, artist, teacher, friend, while incorporating emotional content. Often this content is describe by the viewer as "cute, fun, or adorable." Initially,  I did not like these words to describe my work, but now I love them. The viewer is having an aesthetic response--and it brings them a bit of cheer. This to me, is not a bad thing!


Skin, hair, Water, & Earth, a series of 50 watercolors

The Inspiration behind the series

The starting point for this series is skin--asking who's skin? what kind of skin? and what colors of skin? Starting with the epidermis of the pachyderm, my favorite animal, the elephant. 

 I did not give any limitations to myself other than the works have to be based in watercolor and fill a sheet. I was influenced by family, environments, travel, movies, strangers, conversations, dreams, stories, lived experiences and of course, love.

Each tells a story, each can stand alone as a work, but there are three min-series within the larger series. The first is called "Deaf Talk Within" and celebrates my relationships with the Deaf Community--my friends, Tim and Tie Brandow and their interpreter, Angela Burgett. The second is called "Victim-Survivor-Thriver" and through the use of forms that remind of all kinds of hair, I reflect on my own childhood sexual assault, and the process to become a thriver again. Learning once again, that I am so not alone in my lived experiences.Each painting, priced at $850.00 USD, is not framed. Framed works in this series are priced at $1,20o  

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This series is available for shows and for sale. Contact the artist for more information.

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Studio Service

The Bindu School of Art


Artists at the Bindu School of art are all adult survivors of leprosy. They learn to use black and white, then black and white paint. Finally, artists are introduced to the use of one color to complete monochromatic works and finally they are able to use red, yellow and blue with black and white. The variety of expression  from these artists is amazing and their works are for sale. 

Working with the Girls


That's me in the center, assisting the girls with adding their hand prints in paint onto the wall. It was a busy, fun exciting project for them. 

The Red Fort, Agra, India


To see the incredible architectural design, the details for cooling residents, the mind-blowing beauty was consciousness raising for me as I walked the grounds of the The Red Fort at Agra. Within patterns found there I noticed ancient symbols that are considered classic quilting patterns in the United States. 

Art and Well-being


I am only 5'6 tall, but one can see how nutrition impacts growth. These wonderful women are artists at the the Bindu School of Art. Selling their art allows them to break the cycle of begging and creates a powerful sense of self. Being able to care for oneself and family through art making or work of any kind changes communities. These women are just great examples to me. THANK YOU!

The Peery School of Matriculation


Rising Star Outreach works to eradicate leprosy, educate children of the leprosy-effected communities in India and provides medical mobile units to care for those in the leper colonies--among other important work in India. Being part of the changes there was life altering for me, effecting my professional and research practices, and transforming my art and meaning-making work.

Gratitude for our Bounty


This photo and this artist, have been so motivational to me. Reminding me that we all have so much to share and offer to others, we each have stories to share and their is strength in that sharing. We must be thankful for the gifts, talents, and blessings we have in this life.

I also love this image as it shows the power of creating art, of making, and of never giving up. When was the last time you experienced this kind of tenacity in your life or with your creative processes?